On that fateful day the helicopter hit the ground, the world stood still for a moment. In that moment, we lost an NBA and all-around legendary man and one of his daughters. A true tragedy, and one the basketball community and world will never forget. 

The Jeeter family was equally as devastated by the losses and wanted to honor the incredible man and all of his accomplishments the Jeeter way. To do so, they created the Los Angeles Championship Live Resin Sauce Joint, also known as The KOBE Joint. This product was not only hand-rolled with 24K gold paper and infused with Live Resin, it was also made with Jeeter’s special Mamba strain to honor the late and great Kobe Bryant. To top it off, the joint was finished with a glass/acrylic tip for a smooth hit every time. An exceptional joint for an exceptional man. 

To hold such an incredible product, Jeeter created a one-of-a-kind, collectible black snakeskin textured box featuring hints of Kobe as well as congratulatory imaging for the LA Lakers winning their 2020 Championship. The front of the box showcased an image of the NBA Championship trophy and writing on the other sides paying tribute to the team and their All Star player. While Kobe had retired from the NBA years before, he was certainly in the players’ hearts and minds while winning their title. 

Finally, Jeeter wanted to complete their honoring of the late Black Mamba by giving back. They chose to donate 100% of the profits from this drop to The Social Change Fund, a nonprofit organization created by some of Kobe’s fellow basketball players, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. This organization seeks to utilize influence and resources to “make a greater impact in underrepresented communities of color.” Among other equally important areas, the nonprofit focuses on improving public safety, criminal reform, civic engagement, arts and education within colored communities. 

This exclusive drop is one that the Jeeter team will forever hold near and dear to their heart. While the product and box were incredible and immediate fan favorites, overall the drop held greater meaning. By honoring the late Kobe Bryant and his legacy through donating to an amazing nonprofit, Jeeter has taken a stand on improving the social issues plaguing society. It’s not just about the joint and being the #1 pre-roll company in the country, it’s about helping to improve underrepresented communities and build this country up piece by piece.

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