The #1 pre-roll company in the world is officially in Michigan! We’re thrilled to expand into the Great Lakes state and share the Jeeter lifestyle with another passionate community. We know we’ll fit right in with the Michigan “Hash Bash” enthusiasts. Find out which dispensaries nearest you have our products below.


What kind of Jeeter products will you find in the Michigan shops? You'll find Liquid Diamond pre-rolls in an expansive range of strains throughout the state. Which strains will you pick up first?

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Jeeter is proud to make Michigan its third home. We’re headquartered in Detroit and Troy, but those aren’t the only cities you’ll find us in. Our Liquid Diamond prerolls are available across the state in several markets, and we look forward to expanding even more. Scroll down to check out which dispensaries currently carry our products nearest you. 

Baby Jeeter

.5 G ea/ 2.5G Total
Premium Indoor Flower Inf. w/ liquid diamonds and dusted in Kief
5 min Burn Time

Jeeter 1g

Premium Indoor Flower
Inf. w/ liquid diamonds and dusted in Kief
15 min Burn Time

jeeter xl

Premium Indoor Flower Inf. w/ liquid diamonds and dusted in Kief w/ glass tip for a smooth drag
25 min Burn Time

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Remember the good ol days? When you couldn’t wait for Fridays to come around. When all that mattered was hanging out with your best friends, popping some popcorn, and putting on a cool movie. There was a time when the experience of leaving your home and wandering endlessly through aisles of empty movie covers were simply the highlights of our weekend. Well, we have now made tapping into your childhood imagination a reality. Nostalgic moments created to respark the child in you. We introduce “Make it a Jeeter Night” an immersive experience in the comforts of your own home along with a full “Pop-Up” Tour across selected Cities.

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4:20 - 7:10pm

6/3 puff - madison heights
6/4 elite cannabis - Jackson
6/10 puff - utica
6/11 house of dank - center line
6/12 breeze - hazel park
6/17 jars - center line
6/18 exclusive - ann arbor
6/19 jars - lansing

1:00 - 4:00pm

6/5 jars - flint mt. morris

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