Sweet Cane is an indica cross of AK-47, White Widow and Mango with effects that fit the name! The holiday-themed strains offers a sweet, sugary inhale and an exhale of fresh classic peppermint with light earthy accents. Effects kick off with a euphoric, cerebral head high that stays present throughout, while a light physical body sensation slowly rises without pulling you too deep into the couch. The perfect strain for those stressful family dinners.

White Chocolope is an indica strain that tastes and feels like sipping on a spiked hot cocoa. A cross of White Russian and the legendary Chocolope, this strain provides a sweet chocolate inhale and creamy exhale accented by surprising and exciting notes of boysenberry fruit. Perfect for the cooler holiday season, the effects begin with a full body physical relaxation with tingling sensations that'll leave you feeling holly jolly all evening.  
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