Remember the good old days, when you’d get stoned and go to a local corner store to grab some munchies?

Welcome to Jeeter Mart.

We've created a pop-up experience for you to relive and truly enjoy the feeling of being young, wild and free again.

Stroll through our pop-up Mart with your friends and find all of the little details. Check out the Jeeter Juice fridge, browse our Infused snack stand, hang out with our Brand Ambassadors and enjoy the overall vibes and nostalgia. Don't forget to pick up some snacks and a scratch off to potentially win some Jeeter gear while you're there!

The pop-ups start at 4:20pm, and be sure to get there early. Each state has a unique promo written below for you in order to get a Jeeter Pina Colada 1G!

While you're there, keep an eye out for pieces of the Jeeter Mart Apparel capsule! You just might win one of our Jeeter Mart Work Shirts or other dope pieces.

Relive the moments you loved growing up at the Jeeter Mart.

An evenly balanced hybrid strain packing super delicious flavor into each and every toke for a mouth wateringly delicious experience from start to finish. Jeeter Mart’s exclusive official strain brings flavors of fresh sweet citrus, sour pineapple and creamy banana to the table, leaving you
immediately begging for more.
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